Spay / Neuter

Dog Neuter

3-30      lbs.      $68

31-60    lbs.      $78

61-90    lbs.      $88

91-100  lbs.      $98

Dog Spay

3-30      lbs.   $80

31-60    lbs.   $90

61-90    lbs.   $100

91-100  lbs.   $120

Cat Neuter / Cat Spay

          $36                 $55      

Pain medication is required for all pets getting spayed or neutered  


 We will also send home an E-Collar to ensure your dog does not lick or chew at the incision  $12

Additional charges may apply if your pet has any of the following: recent or active heat, postpartum, overweight, pregnant, pyometra/hydrometra, cryptorchid.

We require proof of an up-to-date Rabies vaccine for all dog appointments. If your dog's rabies vaccine is expired, it will be administered at the time of the appointment. 

Vaccinations - Testing


Rabies                           $20

DAPPv                           $20

Bordetella                    $20

Leptospirosis               $20

Heartworm Test          $30


Rabies                           $20

FVRCP                          $20

FeLV                              $20

FIV-FeLV Test              $37

Package prices

Any Two Vaccinations    (cats-dogs)    $38

Any Three Vaccinations (cats-dogs)    $54

All Four Vaccinations   (dogs only)       $72

(3-4 week booster vaccine prices are not included in package pricing)

  • Add a Heartworm Test to any dog package and take $2 off your test
  • Add a FIV-FeLV Test to any cat package and take $2 off your test

Additional Services

Microchip                               $30

Health Certificate                  $50

Pedicure                                 $20

Anal Gland Expression         $30

Dental Cleanings

Before we clean your pets teeth, we want to make sure you as the pet owner understand a few key components of our services. We are not a full-service hospital, therefore we do not have equipment such as dental radiographs or high-speed drills. We are not able to evaluate teeth under the gum line, which includes the root of a tooth and the supporting bone. Because of this, we will not extract teeth unless they are loose or retained baby teeth. Retained roots and even jaw fractures can be rare complications beyond the care we can provide. In addition to this, we often cannot extract multi-rooted canine teeth. This means we may have to leave teeth that have issues like gingival recession, deep gingival pockets along the roots, or exposed roots. In certain circumstances, we may refer you to a full-service facility for higher-grade dentals and extractions.

Not all pets will be required to have all of the following done, Please call for more details.

Oral Exam - Consultation                         $25

Pre-Anesthetic Blood Work                      $60

Ultrasonic Cleaning - Polishing              $200-$300

Fluid Therapy - IV Catheter                      $30

Extractions                                                  $15

Antibiotics                                                   $30

Pain Medication                                         $15